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Therapy and Support Groups

We are excited to introduce you to the the following Therapy and Support Groups now offered at Care Counseling and Resource Center:

Yoga and Meditation Calming Class for Kids

This group is for children ages 8-14 who have been struggling with anxiety and stress. Does you child get frustrated easily or break down into tempter tantrums and screaming fits? Leaning proper meditation and relaxing exercises can not only help reduce feelings of anxiety but also teach your child the tools to incorporate these exercises whenever stressed or overwhelmed. 

This group meets every Sunday at 10am in Aventura and runs for 1 hour. 
The fee for this group is $30 per child and $25 for siblings per session.

Call for more details or to make a reservation. 


Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy and Support Group 

More than ever children and young adults are struggling with eating issues. Whether it not eating, eating too much, exercising excessively, or obsessive "healthy" eating. These individuals are struggling with accepting themselves and the internal fight they create with their bodies can continue for years destroying their body and their self esteem.  

Is your day revolved around food, weight and your appearance? Does this becomes a ritual in which your health, relationships and daily functioning are gravely affected? Ridden with guilt and remorse you may feel ashamed of your eating habits and try to hide your problems with food from family members and friends. You may feel helpless and hopeless, but you're not alone. If you or someone you love is struggling with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating join our group and connect with others just like you. Learn to love yourself and the body you're in and let's bring happiness back into your life. If you know someone who can benefit from this group please give us a call today. Space is limited! 


This group meets in Miami every Thursday from 8pm- 9pm.

The fee for this group is $40 per session




Kids Count - A support group for Children of Divorced Families (ages 6-12)

The divorce process can be a turbulent time for children. Filled with constant changes and minimal structure. Children can feel a mix of overwhelming emotions that can lead to troubling behaviors and negative attitudes. It is during this time when children yearn most for comfort and support.  We believe that with consistent structure and loving support children can begin to accept and handle these changes instead of fighting against them. By lending an ear and teaching children the skills necessary to deal with divorce effectively we can give them the hope and ability they need to manage this major change and grow stronger through the process.

This group meets every Sunday at 11am.
The fee for this group is $25 per one hour session

Call for more information.

Support and Resource Group for Women in Abusive Relationships

Have you experienced physical, emotional, or psychological abuse within your relationship? The effects can be devastating and long lasting resulting in feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, and guilt. This is a 12 week group aimed to increase awareness of physical and emotional abuse by identifying and exploring your role in abusive relationships. This group offers a safe place for individuals and survivors of domestic violence to share your experiences, learn healthy coping skills, connect with others and find the support needed for healing.

Group Topics include
• Dynamics of Domestic Violence
• Identifying Abusive Relationships
• Understanding the Trauma
• Developing Healthy Relationships
• Creating a Positive Future
• Utilizing Community Resources

This group meets every Wednesday in North Miami from  8pm- 9pm.
The fee for this group is $25 per one hour session.


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