Drug Abuse

It is common for those abusing drugs not to see it as a problem. It’s your way of relaxing or coping with stress. “It’s not hurting anybody,” you may say. But in reality it’s hurting both you and your loved ones. When you can not control the amount of drugs or alcohol you intake and it affects your psychical and mental health then that’s a problem.

When you’re getting high or drunk you often neglect your responsibilities. You may be skipping work or coming in late often with constant fear you might be fired. At school you could be flunking classes just wasting your time and money. At home you end up neglecting your children which becomes a regular fight with your spouse. You may loss the close relationship you once had with your partner and instead spend you time getting high or trying to get your next hit. You know this behavior is dangerous and it’s hurting you but you can’t stop. You might say “I’ll quit,” but it never happens.

Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery and it takes tremendous courage and strength to do so. Sometimes you need your loved one to seek out help since you are not yet ready. Once in therapy you will learn how to face your addiction without minimizing the problem or making excuses. By applying cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) together with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous you will learn necessary techniques to change your perceptions and improve your outlook as you work on practical ways to restrain from using drugs and maintaining sobriety. A brighter life is in reach, you just need to stretch out your hand and want it.

Affordable Drug abuse counseling is offered in individual, couple, and family settings.
A drug abuse consultation is also offered for a spouse or parent(s) concerned about their loved one.

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Offering therapy in individual, couple, and family settings.

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