Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a way of gathering objective information about a person for the purpose of making decisions and sorting out questions about the particular individual. There are many tests and evaluations that include assessments of personality styles, tests of emotional well-being, intellectual tests, tests of academic achievement, tests for possible brain damage, and tests for specific psychological disturbances and their severity.

We offer comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations for children and young adults. Psychoeducational evaluations include assessment of your child's cognitive functioning, educational performance, language skills, executive functioning, and social/emotional development and is effective in detecting:

- Learning Disabilities

- Language Disorders

- Anxiety and Mood Disorders

- Autism Spectrum Disorders

- Developmental Delays

- Social/Behavioral Needs


- Giftedness

Psychoeducational Evaluation 
With our Psychologist in Aventura highly trained in both psychology and education we emphasize preparation in child development, learning, mental health and educational interventions to ensure academic and social success. Our Psychologist will conduct several assessments and offer recommendations for a variety of conditions that can significantly enhance your child's academic performance and personal wellbeing. Our goal is to help your child succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. By collaborating with parents, educators, and other professionals we can enhance the learning, mental health, and overall wellbeing of your child. Because a comprehensive evaluation can be costly we offer a payment plan to make our psychoeducational evaluation financially cheaper and affordable. Upon completion our Psychologist will provide a written report detailing your child's unique profile of strengths and weaknesses, a clear mental health diagnosis (if detected), recommendations and suggested strategies. This report can be utilized by your child’s school to make proper accommodations and modifications that can enhance your child’s academic abilities and improve educational progress throughout the school year and moving forward.

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